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What does BREXIT mean?

What does BREXIT mean?

It is a word that has become used as a shorthand way of saying the UK leaving the EU – merging the words Britain and exit to get Brexit, in a same way as a Greek exit from the EU was dubbed Grexit in the past.

As you are aware of the BREXIT voting to be conducted on 23rd June in UK, it would have significant effect on Commodities, Currencies & Equity Market across world.

Following is the Voting & Result Timing for the said event

(All timing as per Indian Standard Time)

23rd June 11:30 am —- Voting Starts

24th June 02:30 am —- Voting Ends

24th June 05:00 am —- First Cut of Results

24th June 05:15 am —- London Results Expected

24th June 08:00 – 09:30 am —- Majority Result Expected

24th June 11:30 am —- Final Result Expected

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