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This News is Only for I Phone lovers

This News is Only for I Phone lovers

iPhone 7 release date

If we were betting folk, we’d bet the house on the fact the iPhone 7 will arrive in September 2016. Apple sticks to a schedule and the last few iPhones have all been launched in the month of September.

There is a possibility it could be earlier, as according to a ‘reliable source’ Apple might actually bring it to market earlier. Sadly, how much earlier is unclear, but it will take a while to finish development and manufacture of the phone, so we wouldn’t expect to see it before August at the earliest – September is still the best bet for now.

Hottest leaks:

  • No headphone jack
  • Water resistance
  • Bezel-less metal body
  • A sharper screen
  • An edge-to-edge display
  • A dual-lens snapper
  • No more camera bump
  • A larger battery
  • A hexa-core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • IOS 10

iPhone 7 cost

There aren’t any price rumors yet, but in all likelihood the iPhone 7 will cost roughly what the iPhone 6S currently retails for. That would make it $649/£539/AU$1,079 upwards.

Though if Apple finally ditches the 16GB model the starting price might be even higher

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