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No more hand baggage tags at these Indian airports

No more hand baggage tags at these Indian airports

Travellers flying from six big airports in the country will soon travel hassle-free as the mandatory practise of getting a security stamp on their hand baggage is being done away with by the CISF as part of a pilot project to equalize air travel.

The pilot project will be started at airports in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

As per the existing rules all passengers flying to a destination, either within the country or abroad with cabin baggage must carry a tag which is stamped by security personnel after it has been scanned. If the passengers forget to carry the tag, they are not allowed to proceed further.

The stamp ensures that the baggage has been completely checked and is safe to be carried in the plane.

Though, with the increase of technology by way of scanning a bag through x-ray, CCTV and a trained CISF security personnel on the spot, such a tag is not anymore required and hence is being done away with by way of a pilot project.

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