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Make your travel search less annoying with ‘Google Destinations’

Make your travel search less annoying with ‘Google Destinations’

New York:  No more struggling on many browser tabs on your smartphone to plan a trip as search engine giant Google has rolled out a new tool to do an online recce and plane your holidays without any hassle.

Earlier, people tended to use various tabs and apps on their smartphones to search about places and cost of travel, only to get lost between the options.

“Google Destinations”, with certain search terms, returns the summaries of different trips a user can take, including flight costs, hotel rates, places to see and things to do.

“Instead of jumping between a dozen links or tabs to get the information you require, you can sit back and scroll-and leave the heavy lifting to us,” quoted Google as saying.

For demo, a search for “India destinations” brings up trip details for Goa, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and more.

On this Section, user can filter by interests (such as art, architecture or culture) and Cost, and specify exact travel dates.

All of this information comes from Google’s “Flights and Hotel” search engines, along with its massive directory of local

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