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Indian Railways: Train tickets to be expensive by up to 50%, for flexi fare system from tomorrow

Indian Railways: Train tickets to be expensive by up to 50%, for flexi fare system from tomorrow

New Delhi: You will have to suffer more for rail tickets as Indian Railways is all set to introduce flexi fare system as Rajdhani, Duranto & Shatabdi trains from Friday (Sept 9).

The Indian Railways has decided to introduce the flexi fare system for Rajdhani/Duronto & Shatabdi trains as per details given below:-

  1. The base fare for Rajdhani, Duronto & Shatabdi grade of trains will be on flexi fare system.
  2. The base fares will increase by 10% with every 10% of berths sold subject to a authorized ceiling limit as indicated in the table below. There will be no change in the last fare for 1AC and EC class of travel. In the tables given below ‘X’ stands for the present base fares. Other additional demand like reservation charges, superfast charge, catering charges, service duty etc., as applicable shall be raised separately.

(b) Vacant berths left at the time of charting would be offered for current booking. Tickets under recent booking shall be sold at the last price sold for that class and other supplementary charges like reservation fee, superfast charges, feeding charges, service duty etc., as relevant shall be levied in full.

(c) The information should also be presented to the passenger through the booking in case the fare of lower class becomes higher than the higher class to exertion choice to travel by the higher class.

(d) The last price for every class of tickets for the specific train should be printed in the reservation chart for the purpose of charging of dissimilarity of fare in the train or charging the travellers of the train without ticket etc.,

3 The operation of various quotas available in these class of Trains shall be as below:

(a) Tatkal Quota: The present limit of berths set aside for Tatkal quota in these trains shall have being operated as per the existing guidelines.  However, no additional charges as “Tatkal charges” will be levied.  The berths issued under the Tatkal quota shall be booked at the rate of 1.5 times of the base fare for all classes (2S, SL, 2A, 3A and CC) besides 1AC and EC. Other supplementary charges like reservation fee, superfast charges, catering charges, service tax etc., as applicable shall be levied in full.

(b) There shall be no Premium Tatkal Quota in these train services.

  1. Concession: Normal concession as applicable for respective reduction ticket will be admissible on the base fare of the ticket at each stage as per the table above.
  2. Refund Rules:  There will be no change in the existing refund rules.
  3. Other Charges: There shall be no change in charges for reservation fee, superfast surcharge etc. Such charges, wherever useful, shall continue to be levied additionally as per existing order.
  4. Service tax will continue to be levied as applicable as per order issued in this regard.
  5. All other rules and conditions pertaining to the higher category of trains shall be continued without any change.
  6. The changes in fares as above shall put into force w.e.f 09.09.2016.
  7. The revised fares will not apply to tickets already provided in advance for journeys to commence on or after 09.09.2016.
  8. In the enquiry of tickets already issued at pre-revised rates, the difference of fare shall not be composed from the passengers.
  9. These changes should be carried out in manual ticketing system and in PRS, UTS  etc.,
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