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Indian Agro has Ability to Grow at 5%

Indian agro has the capability to grow at 5 per-cent yearly, while the current growth rate vary from 3.6 per-cent to 4 per-cent per annum, noted agriculturist Dr. Ashok Gulati today said. “The Indian agriculture has the potential to grow at 5 per-cent every year in the current context against which the present growth rate varied from 3.6 per-cent to 4 per-cent per annum in real terms,” Mr. Gulati told while addressing the Odisha Knowledge Hub (OKH) lecture series here.

While broading the link between agriculture growth & poverty reduction in native and international contexts, Gulati told higher growth rate in agriculture leads to faster rate of poverty reduction. Comparing the economy of country with a pyramid, he suggested putting agriculture section at the base, manufacturing at the middle & service Section at the top.

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