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Govt to impose anti circumvention duty on stainless steel products

The Indian Government has said that it may impose anti circumvention duty on certain stainless steel products originating from seven destinations to insulate domestic players.

As per reports, the government has resumed investigations into circumvention of anti-dumping duties after a stay order was vacated recently by court. The products originate from China, Korea, EU, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and the US.

Earlier in a notification, the DGAD had stated that it has sufficient evidence of circumvention of anti-dumping duties leviable on cold-rolled flat products of stainless steel originating from these seven destinations.

As per reports, the probe would determine the existence, degree and effect of the alleged circumvention and would also examine the need to extend the existing anti-dumping duty to the circumventing products.

As per reports, it was alleged that the existing anti-dumping measures imposed in 2010, and amended later, are being circumvented.

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