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Ex-PM Narasimha Rao take economic freedom to India in 1991

Ex-PM Narasimha Rao take economic freedom to India in 1991

New Delhi: Ahead we had the `Accidental Prime Minister`, as Sanjaya Baru termed his former boss Manmohan Singh, the country had another Prime Minister who was blessed by the same lady who picked Singh.

Both Singh & Rao had thorny relationships with the Italian born Sonia, who history will record as the second most powerful woman politician that India has well known. Sanjaya Baru`s book “1991, How P V Narasimha Rao Made History” chronicles that critical period in contemporary India when the country seamlessly walk away from the Nehruvian socialistic pattern of society.

Path breaking policy changes took place with Rao at the control which many have forgotten or deliberately neglected to speak about. In 1991, India was economically bankrupt & confounding the situation, there was political uncertainty. In the preceding months, Prime Minister Chandrashekar`s govt had affirm twenty metric tonnes of gold worth USD 300 million to the Union Bank of Switzerland to join the balance of payment situation. Chandrashekar, who was attest in as Prime Minister on the undertaking that he had stated to President R Venkataraman that he would be supported by the Indian National Congress, was not able to retain that support.

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