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Environmental policy

We at Research Via investor advisor aim to fulfill our environmental commitments for our mother earth through the following actions:

1.  Adopt the “3-R” (reduce, reuse and recycle) philosophy for all types of wastes toward prevention of pollution and dispose of “inevitable” wastes, especially electronic waste, in line with regulatory requirements or industry bestpractices.

2.  Improve resource efficiency in operations, especially for key resources such as energy and water.

3.   Promote “green procurement” to the maximum extent possible.

4.   We encourage and prefer eco-friendly products, which are more power efficient.

5.   We prefer to purchase from a source that is less polluting or uses clean technology.

6. We encourage and prefer vendors who use recycled packaging material. The possibilities of further reuse and/or recycling shall be explored with the user or the administration department.

7.   Proper recycling of the used papers is done.

8.   Frequent seminars on the importance of keeping the earth clean and green are arranged in the organization.

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