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Corporate Governance

Research Via Investor Advisor has a Corporate Governance policy which is strictly followed by each and every individual associated with Research Via. The policy is as follows:

  1. Research Via Investor Advisor respect the privacy of individuals (clients) and we use, store, and manage their records/data as per the privacy policy of Government of India.

  2. We, as an Advisory Company, take care of the clients’ investments with us and ensure them the best possible returns.

  3. We believe that sound corporate governance is critical to enhance and retain investor trust. Accordingly, we always seek to ensure that we attain our performance rules with integrity.

  4. Ensuring that best services are rendered to the clients.

  5. Continuous improvement in communication and reporting structure in the organization.

  6. Make a clear distinction between personal conveniences and corporate resources.

  7.Best possible utilization of organization’s resources based on budgeting, financial, allocation and other mechanisms.

  8. We strictly follow the ethical business policies while growing our business.

  9. Have a simple and transparent corporate structure driven solely by business needs.

 10. Corporate governance standards should go beyond the law.

 11. A sound system of risk management and internal control.

 12. Compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.

 13. We maintain the transparency of necessary information on a website which provides in depth knowledge of our services in accurate, efficient and most accessible way.

 14. We make our communication and relationship with the clients simple and keep it as healthy as possible.

 15. We as a professional organization maintain and store records of its every single activity and keeps them accurate as per the Government Standards.

 16. Preserving the rights, interests and concerns of the employees as well as the clients.

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